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Kinesio taping is seen or not seen everywhere!

Few people know that Kinesio Taping, the stretchy, colourful therapeutic taping that shot to prominence in the London Olympics, has also been driving results on the golf course for the last six years.

It's not widely known because unlike field sports, or football, the tape is less visible in golf - usually worn under golf sweaters, long trousers and in shoes!

But you can rest assured if you're on a golf course, and then there will be some Kinesio Taping within a few hundred metres.

Alvaro Zerola Vega de Seoane from Madrid is a physiotherapist on the PGA European Golf Tour. Since 2007, he has been working with the best golfers in the world. Alvaro graduated in Physiotherapy in 1988, then studied for a masters in sports physiotherapy before specialising in golf-related injuries. He is also a CKTI (Certified Kinesio Taping Instructor).

While working on the European Golf Tour, Alvaro treats around 16 to 23 players per day. He helps players with a variety of different therapies including massage, osteopathy and dry needling and uses Kinesio Tape on around 40% of his patients. Many problems are those one would associate with golf like lower back pain, shoulder problems, rotator cuff injuries and wrist pain, but blisters and foot problems are also very common in golfers and Alvaro treats these with Kinesio Tape too.

Alvaro was the first ever physiotherapist on the European Golf Tour to treat blisters with Kinesio Tape. He says: "Golfers are often walking on damp ground and their feet can get very wet. Kinesio Tape is perfect because not only does it lightly support the foot and relieve pain but it's waterproof too, so once it's applied, it can stay there for days. The golfers can bathe, shower and swim and the Kinesio Taping stays in place. When we take the tape off, the blisters have healed."

Irish professional golfer Mike Hoey was first treated by Alvaro with Kinesio Taping two years ago and has used Kinesio ever since. He says: "It's brilliant stuff and I wear it extensively on my feet and legs to help with fatigue and blisters".

Mike is such a fan that he even wears it off the golf course too, when he's enjoying active hobbies like hiking.

Alvaro Zerola Vega de Seoane joined the European Tour in 2007 and became a Kinesio Instructor (CKTI) in 2008. He also works for the Spanish Golf Federation and he opened his clinic in Madrid - Dfisio Physiotherapy and Pilates, in 2010.

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